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The Lil' Mrs and I love to stay in shape.  I have to admit though, Ole' Kenneth Klamshell isn't as spry as he used to be, and actually has some trouble nowadays keeping up with the Lil' Mrs!  But thanks to our E-Bikes, I can keep up with her just fine just so long as my battery is fully charged!!  Right outside the back of Buena Vista Motor Coach Resort is the Gulf State Park.  I read this article below from the good folks at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism and learned its the perfect destination for bikers, runners, and walkers alike!

The Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail is a 28+ mile paved trail system that takes visitors throughout the 6,150 acres of Gulf State Park which is home to nine unique ecosystems, and adjacent to Buena Vista RV Resort. The trails are multi-use, meaning they are suitable for hikers, cyclists and are ADA accessible. There are trailheads surrounding the perimeter of the park, making it easy to find and access while vacationing on our shores. While many enjoy walking and hiking on the trails while taking in the views, if you want to cover more ground, we suggest biking or booking a Segway tour. Check out the trail map and begin exploring! 

The park has made biking easier for its guests by implementing a free bike share program. There are 50 bikes available to rent at stations scattered throughout the park. To ride, simply download the Bloom Bike Share App and scan the code at the station. The first three hours are free of charge. And, when you’re done, return the bike to your nearest station.

If you’d like to travel the trails by Segway, contact Coastal Segway Adventures, located at the main park office near Lake Shelby. They offer two-hour guided tours throughout the park. Their knowledgeable staff will first run through some safety drills and information. Then, they’ll guide you along the trails sharing information about the park and the wildlife that inhabit it. Most tours also include a stop to say “hi” to the park’s resident alligator, Lefty.

Well there you have it.  Pedal your way through Buena Vista Motor Coach Resort and right onto the 28-miles of Trails.  The trails are literally right out of the back of Buena Vista, and you can stroll straight out of the back gate anytime.  


Kenneth Klamshell has long aspired to become a Pulitzer Prize winning author, or possibly a Nobel Prize winner in literature. Although he has never actually won any type of award for his writing, he did once receive honorable mention in a high school Rotary Club essay contest. Both Kenneth Klamshell and the Lil Mrs. can’t wait for the Klamshell Kids to spawn a bed of GrandKlamshells so they may introduce them to the RV Life, Buena Vista Motor Coach Resort, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach!